Ticket Information for Hamlet (2015)

Tickets for Hamlet will be sold through Brown Paper Tickets and will go on sale some time in July. Stay tuned. The link to Brown Paper Tickets will be added to this page once tickets go on sale.

Tickets may be purchased in person during Stratford’s Saturday markets, probably on August 15, 22 and 29. This is subject to change as it’s early days yet.

If not sold out, tickets may be bought at the door.

Show dates:
Saturday, August 29, Sunday, August 30, Saturday, September 5, Sunday, September 6, Monday September 7.
Show time:
4:00 pm

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Because of the nature of the performance – several scenes in several different locations – audience members are asked to wear comfortable shoes.
  • There is no intermission. The show will end around 7:00 pm
  • If you would like to see the show, but have mobility issues, we will arrange to transport you around the site. Please contact the producer, bunty1948@gmail.com to make the request.
  • The show will proceed even if it’s raining. In that case, wear rain gear. Please do not bring umbrellas as they will restrict the vision of others and can be dangerous in a group.
  • If a heavy rain, thunderstorm, hurricane or gale force winds force a cancellation, there will not be alternate dates. For shows in the first week, the storm date is Saturday, September 5. For a show stormed out on September 5 or 6, the make up show is on either of the following days. For a show stormed out on September 7, we will refund your money.
  • Should the weather be iffy, please visit this blog for news, or our Facebook event page or listen to local radio stations.
  • A maximum of 100 tickets is available per show.
  • What to take:
    • a pocket sized flashlight to make your way back to your car and to help us light the last scene.
    • a blanket, cushion, walking stick with an attached seat, or a collapsible chair (the type that folds like an umbrella) or stool; don’t take a folding chair as they can tip on uneven ground and they take up too much space.
    • clothes to suit the weather, comfortable shoes and insect repellent.

    Where to start:

    • Parking for the show will be in a lot off MacDonald Drive, north of the park and on the same side of the street.
    • The box office and assembly point for the first scene will be adjacent to the parking area. The normal entrance to the Cotton Centre will be blocked except to users of other park functions.


6 comments on “Ticket Information for Hamlet (2015)

  1. BuntyMcC says:

    I am sorry you were unable to find information about tickets. The blog post was wishful thinking; all my other production duties prevented me from keeping it up and I did not see your comment until the show had closed. We had several articles in the Buzz with ticket information, posters around Charlottetown and Summerside, a Facebook page and we were on CBC radio and in the Guardian before the show, so I hope you were able to have found the information from one of those sources.

  2. Have not been able to find any information with regards to tickets? Cost and how to purchase?

  3. buntymcc says:

    After a successful run-through with an audience of ACT members last weekend, we have decided that the type of collapsible chair that folds like an umbrella, and collapses tightly, will work fine for the show and won’t be in the way over people’s shoulders for the few scenes where it will be difficult to deploy the chairs. Just don’t take one of the older style aluminum folding chairs.

  4. William Reid says:

    Thank you for your very prompt reply. We’ve just booked our tickets for Sept. 13. Looking forward to the play.

  5. buntymcc says:

    Folding chairs are allowed, they just may not be very practical. There are 13 scenes. For scenes 3,4,5/6/7,11 and 13 any seating would be useful: the locations are flat and the scenes are relatively long. On the down side, some scenes are very short or in congested areas (scenes 1,2,8, 10); scene 9 is on the beach (as seen in the poster); scene 12 is viewed while walking. In all of these a chair may be a nuisance. Also, since there is movement between every scene, (except 5-7) one would have to carry the chair. I think a fold-up stool attached to a walking cane would be ideal.

  6. William Reid says:

    Based on what I’m reading here I take it that folding chairs of any kind will not be allowed? What about those fold up stools attached to walking canes? Would they be allowed?

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