About Hamlet, the 2015 show

Who is producing this show?

ACT (a community theatre) is an amateur theatre group, formed in 1995.  Macbeth, which started the “Shakespeare in Cotton Park” series in 2012,  was its 43rd production, but only its second Shakespearean play, and its first out-of-doors.  Hamlet, will be ACT’s 50 somethingth production, and its fourth Shakespeare in the park.


Who is on the production team:

Terry Pratt, Director; Bunty Albert, Producer; and Sharon MacDonald, Stage Manager are the prime members of the production team, and the same people who worked on Macbeth.

Why Robert Cotton Park?

In 2012, Macbeth was produced in conjunction with a Stratfords of the World Reunion. These reunions include some aspect of  Shakespearean entertainment. There was, and still is,  no theatre venue in Stratford PEI, and the director of this Macbeth had been thinking about using Cotton Park for an outdoor staging for some time. So ACT worked in conjunction with the Town of Stratford, host of the 2012 reunion, to stage the show.

So, what other Shakespearean shows have been done in the park?

In 2013, ACT produced A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by David Bulger and produced by Sara McCarthy and Adam Gauthier.

In 2014, Much Ado About Nothing was directed by Richard Haines and produced by Terry Pratt.



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